Seoul – Incheon International Airport

This airport is located 50 km from Seoul, on a nearby island called Incheo. It is the largest airport in South Korea. It takes top places in the rankings of the most beautiful, functional and passenger-friendly airports. It is also considered one of the best airports to spend a night in.

What makes this airport so successful?

First a foremost, it offers a wide, diverse service and amusement offer. This is a place for ice skating lovers (a yearlong ice rink!), gamblers (a casino), golfers (a golf course) and art lovers (The Museum of Korean Art).


For individuals looking for calm, peace and relaxation, there is a spa and many other places to rest and sleep, such as comfortable armchairs or couches. Roofed gardens will also calm your nerves.

If you ever wondered how does the airport lighting works please take a closer look at this page – – where whole runway lighting system is show and you may switch on and off particular lighting to see where are they implemented and how to works.

Seoul – Incheon Airport provides a changing room for infants, playgrounds for kids, a medical center and a praying room. A modern, futuristic shape of the facility play along with the colors inside, cleanliness and well-organized space.


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