Bilbao Airport

This airport is located 11 km from Bilbao, in the northern part of Spain. Even though this is a mountain area, the airport itself is situated in a valley. The very first decision to build an airport was made in 1927. However, the airport is most famous for its newest terminal that started to operate... Continue Reading →


Denver International Airport

While some perceive Denver Airport as one of the most beautiful airports in the world, others notice some satanic, masonic or Nazi symbols. Where do these contrastive opinions come from? Denver Airport may look surprising at first sight. From the outside, you will notice buildings covered with roofs of tent-like shapes. Actually…these are not just... Continue Reading →

Tokyo – Haneda Airport

The airport started to operate in 1931. It’s currently one of the biggest airports in Japan. It is famous for its cleanliness, excellent organization and interesting architecture. Three terminals, one of them being international, contain a six-story restaurant, a shopping mall, conference room and a gigantic observation deck where you can sit in an open-air... Continue Reading →

Dubai International Airport

This airport was built by order of a ruler of Dubai in 1960 but it has been extended with new terminals a couple of times since then. Currently, it is one of the largest and busiest airports in the world. The second terminal was built in 1998, it is 0,8 km long! New restaurants, a... Continue Reading →

Wellington International Airport

Wellington Airport is located 7 km from the capital city of New Zealand – Wellington. This is the third largest airport in New Zealand. It offers domestic flights and flights to Australia and Fiji as well. Designed by Studio Pacific, Warren and Mahoney studios, the airport is one of the most interesting and, for many,... Continue Reading →

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